Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but please pay attention to the Captain’s briefing at the beginning of the cruise for instructions on how to use the toilet (we call it a head on a boat). Please do not put gum, paper towels, or feminine products in the head, or it will render it useless for the remainder of the cruise.

Whether you are partaking in some Fort Walton Beach snorkeling or relaxing on one of our cruises, there are a few things you may want to bring. Bring a cooler with drinks and snacks. You may bring alcohol, but we ask that you not bring glass drinking glasses. However, beer and wine bottles are permitted. Also, bring a bag with hat, camera, sunglasses towels, and lotion type sunscreen. Don’t forget to bring extra money for a gratuity for the mate. Please, no spray or squirt sunscreen!

Guests are welcome to bring your own snorkel gear. Snorkel mask and snorkel is available on board for guests use with adult and children sizes available. Capt and crew sanitize every piece of equipment as soon as the guest returns the gear. Please abide by Capts explanation on proper use of gear.
Life vests are on board for guests use. Adults and children are not required to where life vest during the cruise but are available at guest’s requests at any time.

Cruise schedule changes throughout the season
due to interest and sunset times. Check out our Facebook page for updated cruise schedule or use Book Now for specific availability for your dates.

We depart from The Gulf Restaurant on Okaloosa Island. 1284 Marler Ave.
Check in booth is located in front of the restaurant as you park. They have free and easy parking available. The vessel is located through the restaurant and pulls up to the boardwalk for guests to board.

The likelihood that you will see dolphins is pretty high. We see them on 98% of our trips. However, they are an element of nature, so no guarantee is given. On occasion we see schools of rays, pods of dolphins, manatees, turtles or sharks. Plus, you should see a variety of fish, crabs and birds on your snorkel adventure.

Smoking is permitted on the cruises; however, please ask you captain for the best location for you to do so, and be mindful of those who do not smoke.

Sorry, but only humans and sea life permitted on this cruise.

If a party decides that they do not want to go on the trip, we must have cancellation at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure time. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior, or do not show up for your scheduled trip, your card will be charged and a ticket, good for 1 year, will be issued in your name and held for 1 week available for pick up, at our booth.

However, extenuating circumstances will be considered in excusing the 24 hour policy. i.e. The scheduled group is involved in a traffic accident, medical attention is needed etc. However, documentary evidence may be required.

We will not take our guests out in weather that is hazardous! This means, if there is lightening or thunder, we will cancel. However, if there is light rain or drizzle in the area, the trip may still run! For our Fort Walton Beach snorkeling trips and cruises, we are all going swimming anyway, why let a little rain ruin our day? This is a tropical area and we often have short lived rain events in the summer. Locals refer to them as cloud bursts.

We may also delay departure of a cruise by up to 30 minutes if it appears that the weather may clear in that time, no cancelations can be accepted during that delay period.

If unsafe weather threatens during a cruise and the vessel returns to the dock before half of the cruise is completed a raincheck will be issued to each party, this will be honored for any future cruise, for up to one year. If more than half of the cruise has been completed we offer no compensation.

The Captain has full responsibility for the safety of boat and passengers, and the final decision on whether a trip runs or not is his decision.

On cruises involving swimming activities come prepared to swim and snorkel. Have your swimsuit and sunscreen on, under your clothes. We also ask that you bring a lotion type sunscreen for re-application, so that we don’t make the deck slippery and dangerous by using spray or squirt sunscreens.

We have a large catamaran that is U.S. Coast Guard approved up to 47 guests. The vessel has over 900 feet of deck space, so there is plenty of space to sit or walk around. We usually book per person cruises with multiple families on board each trip. We will endeavor to stop taking reservations if a cruise is getting close to capacity to create space for social distancing. Destin Harbor dolphin tours are usually maxed out all season. We need a minimum of 10 reservations before we will run a cruise. Slower times of the year we will cruise with very low numbers.

Half of the boat is shaded and half is un-shaded. The netted areas up forward are perfect for laying out and catching some sun. The shaded portion has seating and is very comfortable, even in the peak of summer.

We rarely have anyone get sick on our cruises. Our trip is done in smooth water. However, should you feel any discomfort related to motion sickness, we recommend trying Motion Eaze. It is herbal oil that you put behind your ears. It seems to work better than most pills and doesn’t make you sleepy. Check with your doctor if you have any serious concerns.

18%-20% of your total ticket price is customary for most excursion boats. Parties of 8 or more an 18% gratuity will be automatically charged. 

NO, it is prohibited by federal law to swim with dolphins in the wild. The fines for doing so are $50,000 for any boat captain that allows such an event and $20,000 for each participating swimmer! They are protected because they are endangered and are subject to catching human illnesses. Many human illnesses can kill a baby dolphin. If you desire to have a contact experience, check with the Gulfarium marine park. Dolphins in the park are inoculated and are cared for by veterinarians if they get sick.

You may keep a few empty seashells. However, you may not keep any sea shells containing marine life. We have over 1000 visitors to these sites each day, if everyone took a hermit crab that would seriously impact the eco-system here. It is best to release everything back into the water. Then you will have something to look at next time you visit.

We provide a lot of fun and things to entertain you and the kids during the 3 hour cruise including hula hoops, water soakers, and great music. The Cattywapus is equipped with a spectacular sound system and disco laser lights, so the evening cruises may turn into a dance party. The big open deck space is perfect for dancing.

No worries! Just let our experienced crew know, and they will provide a life vest which will keep you above water and they will assist you in the water, if necessary. Also, keep in mind that our swim site is only waist deep water.

Anyone from 1 year to 99 years old can enjoy the trip, providing they are in good health. The only word of caution is heat. Be sure to drink plenty of water and keep cool.


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